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After the Christchurch Earthquakes ec com created a new division of the company “Administrative Consultancy” in assisting small to medium sized businesses in the following areas:


  • Contract Administration

  • File Management

  • Client Relationships

  • Forms and Procedures

  • Communication competencies

  • Legal Intermediary Service

  • Debt Recovery

ec com works with business Owners/Managers offering feedback and suggestions, as well as providing services at a low cost on a "pay as you go" basis.

There is a cliché that says "Small business owners need to spend more time working at their business rather than working in it!" That is fine for those businesses lucky enough to have great staff who can do all the work proficiently and expeditiously. However, the reality is often that the small business owners are the experts who need to be "hands on" and often cannot get, or afford, full-time staff suitably qualified or competent to assist in all areas of the business.

Likewise medium size businesses often struggle to get appropriately experienced and/or qualified staff to meet the demands and needs of their business. In addition to the foregoing ec com can also offer more strategic contract management support for those medium size businesses concerned about business enablement, commercial judgement and risk management.

ec com offers an alternative.



Standard Consultation Fee


per hour (plus gst)

Long-term Contract Work

Subject to negotiation

Depending on the nature of the work & length of contract

English Rewriting

Subject to negotiation

Depending on the nature of the work & level of source english

  •  Standard term of payment within 7days of issuance of invoice.

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