ec com understands the difficulties faced by non-native speakers in foreign and unfamiliar situations. We offer information, support, guidance and direction.   We are experienced in assisting clients and agents in their dealings with businesses, institutions and other service providers.


Our staff empathise with our clients, using their experience and knowledge to guide our clients to better understanding and more successful communication in difficult situations or we simply provide support, guidance and direction for those clients needing assistance or information.  We also offer assistance to local agents on behalf of their clients.


We can help:


  •  In finding accommodation (short-term or long-term).
  •  In dealing with all tenancy matters including problem resolution (if difficulties arise)
  •  In your dealings with government agencies such as the Tenancy Tribunal, Inland revenue
    Department etc..
  •  In your dealings with schools. We can help you in your communication with schools to ensure
    that your children get the maximum benefit from their study.
  •  In your dealings with your bank. If you are unhappy with the service or any other aspect we
    can help you discuss matters with your bank or look for alternatives.
  •  In your dealings with service providers such as electricity companies, gas companies,
    phone and internet providers and such like.
  •  With property transactions. We can help you understand the requirements and assist you
    in your dealings with (or if necessary direct you to) the appropriate professionals such as
    Lawyers, Lenders and Real Estate Agents.
  •  In finding your way around Christchurch. We will help you understand the features of the city,
    direct you to essential services and shops, point out places of interest and generally assist
    with any settlement needs or requirements you might have.
  •  With any other matter you need specialist help and guidance in.



We are not Lawyers, Accountants or Immigration Consultants but we do offer support in these areas and can help you understand and communicate your requirements. If you need expert advice we can help communicate with your chosen professional or direct you to an appropriate expert.

We do not charge one large fee or make unrealistic promises. We charge on a time basis so you only pay for what we do. You are charged as we go so you are not surprised by an unexpected bill at the end of the job or have to pay a huge fee no matter how easy the job is. Our existing clients are very happy with this system.


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