We can help with all of your communication needs

ec com helps clients understand documents and formal communications, write letters, prepare clauses or documents and rationalise their ideas to enable them to communicate their thoughts, requirements or statement of position in a careful considered way for any situation.


Solicitors Support Service (Legal Intermediary Service)

 Help in dealings with lawyers and other professionals

  • Undersatand the intricacies and jargon of legal language
  • Understand the legal language of a particular transaction
  • Help finding a competent lawyer

One of our unique services is Solicitor’s Support.  This service does not try to replace solicitor’s advice but rather enhance it.  We help solicitors and clients by taking time to explain advice and communications so that clients are better prepared and ready to understand legal issues raised; and the advice given by their solicitors who are the legal experts.   

ec com does not offer legal advice!

We have successfully helped clients dealing with their lawyers on difficult matrimonial matters, commercial matters and often help real estate agents and other clients draft difficult letters or unfamiliar clauses for insertion in agreements, leases and other documents to be checked by their lawyers, as well as other communications.  We would be equally able to help in associated areas of work.


Formal Communication


  • For help in dealings with Government Agencies
  • Other institutional bodies
  • Any situation requiring careful or formal communication
  • Help communicate your thoughts in a formal style

We also help clients in other situations that are not of a legal nature or where legal advice is not required or sought.  Such as helping with communication between clients and government agencies, institutional bodies or in all manner of other situations where accurate and formal communication is essential.

We have assisted clients with letters and other forms of communication in tenancy matters, rudimentary employment matters (where clients are not seeking legal advice), all manner of negotiations, with claims and complaints and in simple advocacy.


English Re-writing


  • Proofreading and editing of text translated into English from other Languages
  • Help with grammar, form and syntax


English Rewriting is a further communication service offered by ec com.  We undertake proofreading and editing of text translated into English from other Languages.  It is important to ensure that translations use natural phrases and flow in the target language.  Our service can give clients confidence that their text makes sense with natural English.  We help clients rewrite letters for business (especially when a claim or complaint is involved), we help in rewriting business promotional material and in any other business or personal situation where a natural and accurate translation in English is required.


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